Your guide

Your guide Georg Erb leads every excursion personally.

He had spent his childhood and grew up in the Namib desert, and through the years developed his very own awareness of Nature’s splendor.

Soon after his birth in Germany (1967), Georg’s family returned to Namibia (1968) and him and his brothers and sisters were raised on a little farm along the Swakop valley outside Swakopmund – with an immense stretch of desert on the doorstep.

“I was lucky to be brought up in Nature.  Rather than chairs and tables, I preferred to be surrounded by vast skies, to be on the ground, amongst trees, in caves. From at least my great-grandparents arrival here 120 years ago, a great and vivid curiosity in all things natural has been running in my family.”

Diorama in the Swakopmund Museum

Having survived his schooling here, and after a short stint abroad in commercial photography, he took up guiding in the early 1990’s.
After a decade of traveling and guiding throughout Namibia and neighboring countries, though, Georg felt compelled to return to his ‘old love’ – that swath of vast geography stretching under the endless sky of his childhood, east of Swakopmund;  into the Namib.

Already as a child, when unearthing old Bushman beads or fragments of old ‘prehistoric’ clay pottery in the valleys, he understood that also humans had been around these parts for a long, long time, too.

“Clearly, the desert setting does not only make you ponder the natural ecology and scientific endevours, but also the human spiritual ecology and how things fall together in a holistic manner.”

Having long gathered that, in these desert environs, Nature wouldn’t part too willingly with her secrets, and, that many natural cycles here take place below the surface of things, he spends time in libraries, archives and, of course, out in the natural environment, researching subject matter, or freshening up views on fascinating stuff (or simply just spending ‘time in the sun’).

In boundless fascination with ‘bones and stones’, with life forms and land forms, Georg continually ventures on forays into his well-liked desert where he observes subtle, elusive details – patiently fitting them into the larger picture of the scenery.

Not surprising, in his spare time he’d often be found roaming, capturing  the intriguing character of the land in photographs.  Georg would also be found in the kitchen, cooking up a meal with lots of fresh ingredients from his little organic herb & veg garden, or be diligently restoring a vintage Land Rover in the garage workshop.  Since more than twenty years, he is trying to teach himself to play the guitar, and loves to try his hand at painting in acrylic and oil colors.  Amongst many diverse interests, Georg has a keen fascination in alternative and spiritual healing modalities.  In recent years Georg has become engaged in a number of environmental issues in the Swakopmund surroundings.

“Green Man” and salamander motif on the Hohenzollern Haus, Swakopmund

On his tours, Georg can be a sprightly source of ‘inside information’ on anything natural or Namibian.

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